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The project continues the “Cine îi recunoaște? Tudsz róluk? Missing 1944 – 2008” project launched by Tranzit Foundation in 2008, and it consists in an exhibition and the publication of a reprint edition of the photo albums compiled by Katz Márton after the Second World War.

Curator, project leader: Csilla Könczei
Curator, visual design: Dénes Miklósi
Project officer: Attila Seprődi
Visual design: Szilárd Miklós
Poject assistance: Levente Kolumbán, Noémi Magyari, Bence Schneider, Edina Makai, Attila Bende
Experts: Attila Gidó, Dániel Lőwy, Júlia Szilágyi, Zoltán Tibori Szabó

Exhibition: 27.05 – 10.06.2017

The exhibition is based on two photo-albums, which was found among the personal objects of the Jewish community draged away from Cluj during the second World War. These albums contain all together 155 black and white photos: private photos, most of them family photos. The persons on these photos were not identified up to this day. The exhibition based on the digitalized photos aims at raising the awareness of the public to the absence of the Jewish community in Cluj, through using the spaces of Tranzit House, the former synagogue Poale Tzedek.



The virtual galery of the photos has a pragmatical function: this project wants to be a last attempt to identify these persons, who dissapeared though the tragedy in 1944.

Editor in chief of the website: Sipos Zoltán
Programmer: Szabó Ágnes, Trombitás István
Website shaping: Kassay Réka

Reprint publication:

Editor in chief: Csilla Könczei
design: Ferenc Sütő

photo, digitalization: Zágon Szentes
print preparation, binding: Márta Adorjáni

Printing House: Idea Design&Print SRL

© Tranzit Foundation, 2017.

The publication contains all the photos of Katz Martin's albums from 1945. If You know anything about the person(s) on these images, please contact us on the following e-mail address, missingsince1944@gmail.com.

Thank You,
the organizers